Insolvency and Banking

Attias, Grauer, Vishnitzky, Inbar, Hakim & Co. Law Firm is accredited with handling some of the most prominent and well-known cases in Israel and is considered as one of the leading firms in the field of insolvency and banking. It is held in high esteem by the courts, its colleagues and leading rating agencies in Israel.

The firm's team specializing in this area, led by Adv. Ron Hakim, provides legal counsel and support at all stages of an insolvency process, represents and supports banks, secured creditors and some of the largest companies in the industry in such proceedings, while trying to solve various problems within the process’ framework by providing knowledge, experience and professional, accessible service to its clients.

The firm handles the most complex and well-known insolvency cases in Israel before the various courts (including the Supreme Court), and strives to produce high quality results for its clients, in such a complex type of proceeding, in which debts of an aggregate value of hundreds of millions of shekels are often pending.

In view of the experience and knowledge accumulated by the firm in this area, a number of the firm's partners have been appointed in liquidation and freezing proceedings as officials on behalf of the court and receive judicial management of large Israeli companies that have become insolvent - matters requiring wide and comprehensive knowledge, collaboration between the firm’s various departments and constant responsiveness.

The Insolvency and Banking team holds expertise in this type of portfolio management in view of its extensive knowledge of various branches of civil law, including civil commercial litigation, property law, labor law, corporate law and contracts and its many years of experience in building action plans for companies under official supervision and management.

The firm has many years of experience in the banking field, and provides legal support on a regular basis to one of the largest banks in Israel, including comprehensive support for all issues in civil law, provides ongoing advice and writes opinions, represents various bank departments in proceedings and claims, handles complex debt cases against debtors, and provides legal advice and support to the legal department in the claims filed against them.

The firm's legal team has knowledge and experience in collection and execution and is an expert in all aspects of collection proceedings, from the filing of the financial claim, through the management of the proceedings in the court, its continuation in the opening of the execution file, and the management of the collection proceedings until the matter is finalized – complete collection of the entire debt.

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